From denture repairs to in-home visits

At ProCare Dental, we want our services to be accessible by everyone in the Maitland area. To help ensure this, we can organise home and aged care facility visits. We also make regular trips to local football clubs to fit custom-made mouthguards for the athletes.
A Man Looking Into the Mirror on His Teeth — Denture Clinic in Maitland, NSW

Denture Services

Almost everyone who wears dentures will require either a reline or repairs at some point. We’ve made our denture-related services honestly priced so you don’t have to put off those much-needed repairs or adjustments.

Denture Repairs

If you experience any issues with your dentures such as cracks, chips, or missing teeth, get in touch with our dental prosthetist. Where possible, we can repair dentures on the same day they are brought to us.

Over time, you may require extra teeth be added to your original set of dentures. We’ll happily fit additional teeth to your dental prosthetic, as you need them.

Repairs should be sought out as soon as possible. Even minor issues, such as a hairline crack, can lead to discomfort or larger issues down the track.

Please note: Don’t attempt to repair your dentures with household glues. This can make matter worse—leaving your dentures impossible to repair. By having a professional fix your dentures, they will be restored to their original condition.

Denture Relines

Without your natural teeth, your bone and gums will slowly begin to shrink and change shape. Due to this, your dentures may no longer have the support they need and become uncomfortable to wear.


A soft or hard reline will help to remould your dentures to suit the current shape of your gums. During a hard reline, soft putty is applied to the dentures before they are placed inside your mouth to create a mould. We’ll then create a new replica to place inside your dentures.


For people who find wearing dentures uncomfortable, we can opt for a soft reline, which uses the same process as the above, only using a more pliable material.

Football Club Mouthguard Service

As part of our support for local football teams, we arrange in-club mouthguard fitting for athletes. We create the moulds at the club, returning with the fully custom-made mouthguards for the child and adult footballers once they are complete.

Home & Aged Care Facility Visits

If you or someone in your care has difficulty travelling, we will come to you. Our prosthetist can travel to local houses, nursing homes and retirement villages within a 30 to 40-kilometre radius to care for your denture fitting, repair and reline needs.

We provide the same care and attention in your home or living arrangement as we would in-clinic. To organise a call-out, please contact us today.